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Occupational Therapy Program - Evidence-Based Practice Guide: Information Literacy



What is Information Literacy?

  • This concept includes the skills of understanding how to:
    • "Determine the extent of information needed
    • Access the needed information effectively and efficiently
    • Evaluate information and its sources critically
    • Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base
    • Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose (American Library Association" (2016)
  • Why Is It So Important?
    • Information literacy is essential to building a foundation of lifelong learning expected of a graduate level student and occupational therapist professionals to support the pursuit of continued and ongoing professional development. 
    • As an adult learner, information literacy skills enhance your ability:
      • Master content
      • Become more self-directed learners
      • Assume greater control over their own learning. (American Library Association, 2016)

..............Please continue exploring the following sub-sections provide tools and resources that you will use to organize your literature searches and access information from the electronic databases available both to the public and to our students as part of our Allied Health Education Center (AHEC) Library.  



So, now that we have an overview of EBP and information literacy, and why they are so important.... The next tab "Asking Clinical Questions", will provide resources for assisting us in transforming our thoughts and questions into an efficient search of the professional literature so that we can access evidence to support our professional viewpoints and clinical decision making rationales......