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Surgical Technology: Student Success

The Surgical Technology LibGuide

Student Success

Cabarrus College of Health Science is committed to assisting students to become the best!  Below are some of the services and programs that the College offers for our students!

Academic Advisor

If you have any questions or concerns or need any academic assistance, please feel free to reach out to either your Academic Advisor or to the Office of Advising and Student Success!  We all want you to succeed and will work with you to assist you in realizing your academic goals!

Guided Study Sessions (GSS)

One of the tutoring services that the College offers you is Guided Study Sessions (GSS).  GSS are led by trained peer tutors and are held regularly as review sessions for specific courses.  These sessions are designed to improve student knowledge, comprehension and critical thinking skills.  To participate in a guided study session, contact your instructors regarding availablility, times and locations.

One-on-One (1:1) tutoring

Cabarrus College offers One-on-One (1:1) tutoring sessions.  These trained peer tutors are available in select courses to work with students individually.  For additional information on availability, contact the Coordinator for Advising and Student Success. 


The Office of Advising and Student Success coordinates the ASPIRE (Associate of Science, Prepared, Informed, Ready, Educated) program.  This is a student success and leadership program for Associate in Science students.  The ASPIRE program begins with ASPIRE Camp, held in the summer for incoming freshman.  ASPIRE II meetins are held monthly throughout the academic year and address tompics such as Student Success, Career Success, Community Service and Leadership Development.  Contact the Office of Advising and Student Success for additional information.

Technology Services

To assist student success, Cabarrus College offers a variety of technology services.  These services include:

  • Computer Access:  Students have access to computer in the student computer lab located on the first floor in the Hayes Pavilion and in the Medical Library, which is located in the lower level of the Mariam Cannon Hayes Family Center in the Atrium Hospital.
  • WiFi:  WiFi access is available throughout the College and in the Medical Library.
  • Email:  Your Cabarrus College Email Account (Microsoft Office 365) is the official means of communication while enrolled at the College.  This includes free installations of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on up to five (5) different devices.
  • Canvas:  Canvas is the learning Management System that connects you to faculty and fellow students at Cabarrus College.  Canvas is the main hub for completing online assignments (ie, posting responses to a discussion board, collaborating with a team, and taking quizzes) and building relationships within a secure social network.

Quick Links for Success

Below are some links that will help you with your studies.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your advisor.


Cabarrus College has devised two formal grade warning systems to help students attain a successful educational experience. The early alert warning system allows faculty and staff to identify students with academic concerns after the fourth week of the semester.  Students are contacted by the Coordinator of Advising & Student Success to schedule an appointment to discuss resources available and to develop a plan for improvement. After official midterm grades have been reported, any undergraduate student with a failing grade D+ or below in a non-major course or C+ or below in a major course receives notification from the Dean, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management. These students are required to meet with the Coordinator, Advising and Student Success to develop an Academic Improvement Student Success Plan. Early warnings allow the students ample opportunity to correct academic behaviors either before midterm or final grades are assigned. 

Steps to success may include but are not limited to: conferences with academic advisor and/or instructor for individualized guidance or counseling; referral to group or individual peer tutoring; attendance at Student Success group sessions such as time management, stress management, memory, reading and note taking skills, and effective test taking strategies; and/or advisement regarding restructuring of curriculum plan.