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Fall 2020



Thank you for choosing Cabarrus College of Health Sciences.  It is my great honor to welcome you to our RN to BSN program.  Congratulations on your decision to further your career and complete your baccalaureate degree.  The BSN curriculum is designed to strengthen your critical thinking skills.  We employ various methodologies and exercises to facilitate learning where you can utilize evidence to form an argument or opinion and write papers, presentations, and debates.  Through your work you utilize evidence to expand critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. 
As an independent learner, we hope you will take full responsibility for your own learning.  In our online learning environment, we provide academic support as your teaching facility is always accessible to you via email and established virtual office hours.  Please remember to utilize the various support systems that have been provided for you.  Also, please remember to complete your required evaluations and your online orientation packages as this will help to familiarize you with our school systems, policies and procedures.  Again, welcome and I wish you every success.
  Dr. Delores Benn,
      DNP MSN RN

New Student Orientation

We are glad you are here. There are several forms that will need to be filled out via online orientation.  Please complete your online orientation and at the end take the survey via survey monkey to validate your completion of the orientation process.  Welcome and I wish you every success!