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Fall 2020

Tech Help


It is 3 am, your assignment is due tomorrow and your electronic device just failed!  Here are some troubleshooting tips to help!


Canvas is the system which connects you to the faculty and fellow students to enhance your learning.  It is the main hub for building relationships within a secure social network, class information, and for completing online assignments.  These assignments can include posting responses to a discussion board, collaborating with a team, and taking quizzes. 

If you are having problems with Canvas, you may call the Canvas Support Hotline at 866-862-3131.  Support is available 24/7/365!


Q.  I cannot see my course on Dashboard.

A.   It may be because the course may not be published by the instructor yet.  Check with your instructor to see if the course has been published.

Q.  How do I remove my old semester courses?

A.  Go to Courses.  Click View all Courses which will bring up a list of all your courses.  Then star the courses that you wish to see on Dashboard.

Q.  I am in Canvas and I am having difficulty.  Who do I contact for help?

A.  You have several options for help in Canvas.  At the bottom left of the screen is a HELP button.  When you click on that you are given several options:

1)  You can SEARCH CANVAS GUIDE which is a FAQ section to see if your answer is there. 

2)  You are able to REPORT A PROBLEM

3)  You can CHAT WITH CANVAS SUPPORT which is a live chat with Canvas support. 

4) You can ASK THE COMMUNITY which is asking for help from a Canvas expert.

5) You may call  CANVAS SUPPORT HOTLINE at 866-862-3131.

Canvas Support is available 24/7/365 and can help you with all of your Canvas problems.

Technology Hints and Tips

Here are some quick troubleshooting tips:

  • This website will not load.  If you are having a problem with a website loading, try changing your browser (example, from Firefox to Google Chrome).  There is no perfect browser and this can resolve a compatibility issue.
  • My laptop battery is not chargingIf your battery is not charging, double check that ALL the connects are not loose; even a little bit unplug will cause the battery not to charge.
  • My Wi-Fi is not working.  Go into your setting and make sure that the correct Wi-Fi network is selected.  If you are at home, make sure that all the cables are plugged in correctly (including the router cables and plugs).
  • My computer is slow!  There are several reasons for this.  One of the major reasons is you have too many windows and tabs open - close all non-essential tabs and windows.
  • I can't log in.  Check to make sure that your Cap Lock key is not on.  Also check to see if your Num Lock key is on if you use the Number Key Pad on your computer.  Make sure you are using the correct password for the correct website.
  • My computer has locked up!  Try rebooting your computer and see if that helps. To reboot is to restart a computer and reload the operating system.  Please refer to your computer manual for the best way to reboot your system.


Your Cabarrus College Email account (Microsoft Office 365) is the official means of communication.  This includes a free installation of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for up to five (5) devices (laptop, iPad, etc).

If you have forgotten your password for your email, you can click the link to reset your password (see figure below,  Red Arrow)

Help for NC AHEC

NC AHEC (North Carolina Area Health Education Centers) is one of the platforms used for research.  You will need a password/user id to log into the system.  If you need an user id / password, please contact the librarians (Cassie Dixon or Amy Burns). 


Cabarrus College offers Smartthinking Online Tutoring for students.  It is a service that will assist you with your research paper and with citation formating.  You may access Smartthinking through Canvas.

Glossary for Technology terms

Here are some common used IT terms and their definitions:

Browsers -  What you use to navigate the internet.  The most common are IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Bookmark  - Also known as Favorite, it is a link to a website addressed saved electronically in your browser for quick access to that page. 

Favorite Menu - List of your Bookmarks.

Mouse -  A device to used to move the cursor around the screen and can input, move or select items on the screen by pressing the mouse buttons (called clicking).  It is usually an external device on a desktop or a laptop.  However, most laptops now have a built in mouse in front of the keyboard.  

Reboot - To reboot your computer is to restart your computer.  As each operating system (Windows 7, Windows 10, Apple) is different, refer to your manual for the best way to restart your system.

Start Menu - Often called the Start Button, it is the user interface that allows the user to launch (open) programs.  In Windows, it is located in the lower left corner of the screen and has the Windows icon.  For an Apple, there is no Start Menu.  However, on the bottom of the screen, there is a button called Applications that allow you to open programs

Below are some quick links to online glossary of computer terminology: