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Fall 2020

Below are some of the resources that are available to you here at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences.  If you have any questions regarding these resources, please feel free to contact your instructor or your librarian, Amy Burns at 

          APA Style Logo

Writing assignments for Cabarrus College of Health Sciences are to be completed using the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition citation and format style.  Follow this format for all works submitted. 

Your best resource for help is the APA Style website, which offers guidance and examples for students.

What is an Electronic Database?

Computer-based collection or listing of information: n, including professional peer-reviewed journal articles, organized in an systematic way with searchable elements or fields, to make the search easy and fast (Randhawa & Randhawa, n.d.). 

How do We Search Them?

You may refer to the section on the Library LibGuide (click HERE) that show you:

  •  "How To" organize your literature searches to access information from available electronic databases using:
    • Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) Terms and;
    • Boolean Operators        

.*** Please Note:  As you explore searching the electronic database tabs, please note that becoming proficient at searching requires  trial-and-error practice.  So, the tabs provide resources/tools, but you should anticipate the need to spend "time" exploring each database to learn their different formats, layout, tools, etc. so that you can develop efficient search strategies and habits ***

For assistance in searching online databases, please feel free to either contact Librarians Cassie Dixon or Amy Burns for assistance.